[Spambayes] E-Mail ID #319042 [PayPal phish crap]

Herb Martin HerbM at learnquick.com
Mon Sep 26 17:57:22 CEST 2005

> From: Tim Peters [mailto:tim.peters at gmail.com] 
> A way to get what you want is turn this into a moderated 
> list, with all postings held for moderator review.  That's 
> easy to do.  Alas, finding people willing to volunteer their 
> time to _do_ such review, around the clock, every day, is not 
> easy to do.
> > Ok, it's just a pet peeve -- I'll be quiet now. <grin>
> For example, do you want this enough to volunteer to do it?  
> Me neither.

I was (of course) mostly just venting and offering a
hint to others that this referenced message was "just
another phish" but I do have a method that might work,
and I would probably be willing to be ONE of the moderators:

When I ran a large lists my settings included the
following (on Lyris so other lists servers may not
quite have this feature):

All NEW posters were on "N moderated review" where
	N was a reasonably low integer. 
	(not publicized, it remained undocumented to users)

After N moderated APPROVALS Lyris removed the moderation
	block on that user.

This practically eliminated the "drive by spam" to the
list -- and even idiots who posted personally but could
never seem to read or even come close to understanding
the list rules did not interfere with the list....

With a few moderators (and an appropriate web interface)
approval for new users -- or even past abuses -- can be
quite swift.

I will/would volunteer to be one of several moderators
in such a scheme.

Herb Martin

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