[Spambayes] New version ????

Henny Nekkers h.nekkers at hccnet.nl
Wed Sep 28 20:25:29 CEST 2005

Hello Tony,

Yes, I''m waiting for new features. ***SPAM***

Perhaps you remember my emails in may:

I didn't have any succes running from source. Just could not getting it to work.
> "header_spam_string:***SPAM***" work fine until I restart 
> SpamBayes or my PC. On the configuration page I see ***SPAM***
> under Header Options but after a restart the checkbox get
> unchecked so it doesn't work any more. Bug?

:(  Yes, this is a bug, sorry.  I've fixed this in CVS, so the fix will be
in 1.1a2.  For the moment, you can run from CVS source (or 1.0.4 source and
I can provide a patch), or do the annoying step of resetting the value every
time SpamBayes is launched.

>> I'm pretty sure that Pegasus Mail lets you filter on arbitrary 
>> headers
> The other filter option (look for a 
> "X-Spambayes-Classification" header) 
> I cann't get working in the normal filter option.

You'll have to use the "regular expression" filter option (rather than the
'standard' headers).  You'll want the rule to look something like:


(the \w* just means there can be any amount of whitespace there).

This will work in Pegasus Mail, which means you can avoid the above bug for
the moment.


> > I did use version 1.0.4 and switch to Spaminhilator
> >
> > I would like to go back to Spambayes because I liked it better, but  
> > I'm
> > waiting for a new version. When will that be released???
> Why are you waiting for a new version?  Because of a problem in  
> 1.0.4?  Because you're wanting a new feature?
> I hope to be able to find time to get 1.1a2 out early next month,  
> although I can't be certain that'll happen.  Hopefully that would  
> mean a 1.1 final by the end of the year.  However, my original aim  
> was to have 1.1 done by April 2005, so there are no guarantees...
> =Tony.Meyer
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Met vriendelijke groet,

h.nekkers at hccnet.nl,
Schaepmanstraat 19,
7103 GA Winterswijk
tel 0543-517773

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