[Spambayes] Suggestion for the faq - install (for example withEudora)

Thomas de Borman t.deborman at web.de
Wed Apr 5 00:00:50 CEST 2006

I don't use Outlook Express. Look at the Faq to the Point 2.4 and 
then it works (I have Eudora - the latest; Sponsored mode) 
for POP as described (even for more than one account). However, I 
cannot configure it for SMTP - it doesn't works. The reason is still 
unknow, I use Avast! Antivirus, Spambayes 1.0.4 and Eudora (+ Windows 
XP SP2). The message is sent and with the last step (Eudora says ".") 
no answer comes from the Server. I want to have a look later and 
eventually post a separate threat whn i find the time... although it 
is made now :-). Apart that (which is a pity because a part of the 
self learning is not used :-() it works OK.

T. de Borman

I don't use Eudora but I may have clients who do. So as a matter
of interest, is the SpamBayes installation for Eudora any
different to the installation for Outlook Express? Are there
Eudora-specific things that have to be taken into account?

Obviously the precise means of assigning "localhost" as the POP3
server will differ for all eMail clients.

  - Bill H.

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 > Hello,
 > i suggest to add to the faq entry
 > "2.4 How do I configure Eudora for use with
 > SpamBayes?"
 > and similar that the SpamBayes server have to be stoped and
 > restarted after it has been configurated (after point 3)
otherwise it
 > doesn't take the changes into account.
 > Apart that point the indications are pretty good it could be
 > referenced, whilst it is not obvious that that information can
 > found in the faq. It would be benefic to have a special entry
 > "Installation" on the web site, with a link to the right faq
 > Regards,
 > de Borman

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