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Jesse Pelton jsp at PKC.com
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If you (or anyone else) trains on messages with that tag line, that
training will affect the processing of future messages that include it,
whether the trainer thinks such messages are ham or spam (or some
combination).  It seems to me that this is as it should be.  Whether or
not a message is "certified virus free" and whether or not it is spam
are completely separate issues in my mind, but if it turns out that all
certified messages are ham, SpamBayes will figure that out based on the

Personally, I'm skeptical of "certified virus free" tag lines.  What's
to keep me or anyone else from adding the text at the end of my
messages?  But if you wish to set up your mail client to treat all
messages with a "certified virus free" tag line as ham, you can probably
do so.  You appear to be using Outlook Express, in which case I imagine
you can set up a rule to process such messages before your spam
filtering rule takes effect.  (I don't use OE myself.)

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Something that came to mind is the fact that I would like to see the 
tag-line from AVG anti-virus to be added to the ignore filter. This will
least prevent any mail from being classified as spam for those of us
AVG or other anti-virus that uses a certified virus free tag-line. 

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