[Spambayes] Email filter question

Tim Stone tim at aterraform.com
Mon Apr 10 00:50:54 CEST 2006

Nope.  While that would be a rather simple program to write, that's not 
the one we wrote...

donniedko67 at hotmail.com wrote:

>Someone directed me to your group in the hopes of solving my problem.
>I want a cell phone user to send an email to me, containing only one 
>character in the body.  Based on this character, ,my email client will 
>autoreply with an email template containing content specific to that 
>character.  Outlook 2000 wont let me do this.  Can SpamBayes provide a 
>SpamBayes at python.org
>Check the FAQ before asking: http://spambayes.sf.net/faq.html

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