[Spambayes] Outlook plugin problems

Bill Hely bill.hely at helyholdings.com
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When the SpamBayes for Outlook plug-in is first installed it is
active for, and usable by, only the person who is logged into
Windows at that time - in your case the Administrator. When
another user logs into the same PC under different login
credentials, SpamBayes will not be evident in Outlook.
If you have a situation where more than one person uses a given
PC under their own separate login credentials, you will need to
enable SpamBayes for all users.
I have written a detailed description of how to do that in
"end-user speak". Let me know if you need it and I'll send you
the PDF. Make sure you "reply to all users" as I may not see a
message to the list for some days (autofiled).
 - Bill H.

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Dear Sirs,

            Your product is wonderful.  I have a few friends who
can’t seem to get it to work in outlook 2003.  They install the
file but it doesn’t show in outlook.  I have tried your
troubleshooting tips but none of them seem to work.  They are
logged on as power users.  If I log on as the administrator it
works fine.  I have tried installing it when logged on as the
administrator but it doesn’t work.  Do you have any other




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