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David Kanareck david.kanareck at zen.co.uk
Fri Apr 14 17:27:38 CEST 2006

Thanks Jesse, point taken!!

Have a good one

On 14 Apr, Jesse Pelton <jsp at PKC.com> wrote:
> SpamBayes delays processing of incoming messages to allow Outlook rules
> to have a chance to run before they're classified.  (This is something
> of a hack, as there doesn't seem to be any way to guarantee that
> Outlook's rules run before classification, so you can tune the delay
> time.)  If you create an Outlook rule that moves messages from the inbox
> to a whitelist folder (or some variation on that theme), it should have
> the desired effect.

> That said, I'd recommend against it unless you have a demonstrated need,
> for a couple of reasons.

> - It may not be necessary.  The sender is among the data SpamBayes
> trains on.  If you consistently train messages from people in your
> address book as ham, it will tend to classify future messages
> accordingly.
> - It may lead to poorer results.  It's not hard to spoof a sender
> address (or to create a virus that sends messages from someone in your
> whitelist).  If you allow SpamBayes to classify your messages, it will
> look at the content as well as the address. If it's well-trained, it
> will correctly classify spam even if the address is spoofed.  If you
> whitelist certain addresses, you may find spam in your whitelist folder.

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> Hi, am using Spambayes 1.0.4 on Windows 2000 Pro and Outlook 2000
> 2000-SP3. is there any way to configure Spambayes to allow through any
> messages from people in my Outlook address book? I guess this is some
> form
> of whitelist.

> Kindest regards
> David Kanareck

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