[Spambayes] Bug ?

Fabrice fabrice at chtiland.com
Sun Apr 16 00:15:12 CEST 2006

First of all informations about my installation
Outlook 2003 (11.8010.6568) SP2
Windows XP Pro SP2
SpamBayes Windows Outlook Plugin 1.0.4
My native language: French, so forgive my poor English :)

I was using SpamBayes with Outlook without problem.
I also have an extension called bxAutoZip (baxbex.com), wich I never used,
so I uninstalled it.

When I restart Outlook, I have an error from outlook that tells me the
Spambayes extension was generating this error, and I have to desactivate it.

I've tried every thing I found on the Troubleshooting page, but Spambayes
extension doesn't load anymore.

Finally I reinstall bxAutozip, reactivate Spambayes, and everything works
fine now.

I gona send this bug to baxbex.com too.


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