[Spambayes] Please help -- SpamBayes user now can't re-installSpamBayes after hard drive re-format

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Sun Apr 16 07:36:37 CEST 2006

>> Sure seems like a DEP issue to me. Since you reformatted the  
>> drive, you probably also reinstalled the OS. In general XP won't  
>> mind if you have DEP turned on (e.g., by a BIOS setting). But  
>> application programs may not like it, and Spambayes is one that  
>> doesn't.
> I’m not sure what DEP is and how to turn it off. Is it something  
> you can quickly explain? –H

I'm not sure if Bob managed to reply or not (I didn't see a message),  
so I will. (You can obviously ignore this if he did).

DEP is a system designed to prevent programs either accidentally or  
deliberately doing things that they shouldn't.  You can change the  
DEP settings in the "System" Control Panel, via the top "Settings"  
button of the "Advanced" tab, and then the "Data Execution Protocol"  
tab of the dialog that opens.

Unfortunately, it's not the SpamBayes code itself that causes the  
problem here, but one of the libraries that SpamBayes uses.  We're  
somewhat at the mercy of the developers of that library for a fix -  
we'll definitely include it when there is one.


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