[Spambayes] Moving between i686 and x86_64 'systems'

Jason Ahrens jason at cougarcorp.net
Sun Apr 16 23:27:55 CEST 2006

Hello. I've recently discovered a little bit of an interesting 'problem' 
that, while possibly not being 100% spambayes related, does cause a 
problem in using spambayes. I was curious if anyone else might have seen 
this and know an answer/workaround.

I have an AMB64 system. I run Gentoo Linux in native boot on x86_64 
architecture (64 bit).

I also have a Windows XP boot on the same system. In Windows XP, I have 
coLinux installed. At this point, coLinux is still 32bit, so my coLinux 
boot is a 32bit boot. I use this to run my Linux processes while in 

So at any time, I could be running Linux in either a 32bit or 64bit 

The only problem program at this point is Spambayes. The database is not 
compatible between 32bit and 64bit systems.

I don't suppose anyone has found a way to use spambayes between 32 and 64
bit systems?


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