[Spambayes] Problem with SpamBayes POP3 Proxy: [PROBLEM SUMMARY]

Bill Hely bill.hely at helyholdings.com
Mon Apr 17 07:20:50 CEST 2006

> > Uninstalled  SB 1.0.4 which I could not get to work.
> > 1.1a1 per your FAQ 4.21 setup for Outlook Express.
> No!  The POP3 proxy (what you use for Outlook Express &
> does not work with 1.1a1.  Stick with 1.0.4, which definitely
> does work.

But doesn't this just bring us back to the problem with 1.0.4
that any TO addresses with "spam" in the domain name (and I have
one) will be classified as spam regardless? We've already
discussed the related problems with 1.0.4 as far as the
ubiquitous Outlook Express is concerned.

1.0.4 has an insurmountable problem in that respect; 1.1a1 has
(in your words) "a serious pop3proxy bug" (you didn't say what)
and, believe me Tony, it is quite inconceivable that any "average
user" is even going to attempt the CVS route.

So where to?

The reason I started writing simplified instructions for
SpamBayes was because I was recommending it to all and sundry and
then getting a flood of "what the bloody hell does this mean"
with regard to comments and instructions throughout

I have a complete end-user-friendly coverage of spam management
in general and SpamBayes in particular ready to go, except for
the fact I cannot find a satisfactory solution to the
non-Outlook-for-average-users scenario. Average users will not
install Python, pywin32, a CVS client and checkout the SpamBayes
source. It is beyond them.

I'm trying to contribute to "the cause", but I seem to have hit a
brick wall with the case of other-than-Outlook clients.

Hopefully I'm just missing something obvious, in which case I'll
be delighted to accept an ass-whoppin' in return for the

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