[Spambayes] Unable to view messages to inbox

Emy Wright emywright at atlanticbb.net
Mon Aug 7 16:51:59 CEST 2006

I have Outlook Express, however, it has not been very secure, and 
Mozilla Thunderbird was set up for my new mail.  Now I am having trouble 
receiving my mail.  I have 5 new messages and  I am unable to recover 
them.  I have had a terrible experience with spyware when Norton didn't 
help me activate my latest (2006) security, and the security ran out.  
The numbers on the sleeve and box didn't match.  Spent hours with 
Microsoft and Dell, sent my computer to be fixed; it came back still 
with trouble in Windows. Had another person come to house and he set up 
my Thunderbird mail, and it worked for a couple days.  Now that is not 
working. Can anything be done other than have Windows completely 
uninstalled, then reinstalled?  I don't have backups for my programs, 
but nothing serious on computer but mail I have saved.  And I didn't 
know you existed.  This just came up when I wrote a note regarding 
this.    Thanks,   Emy

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