[Spambayes] An Ever-Increasing Problem

Jesse Pelton jsp at PKC.com
Fri Dec 1 20:04:56 CET 2006

SpamBayes does not send any messages. Even if it did, it wouldn't
automatically send unsubscribe messages; the developers are very
conservative, as evidenced by their consistent stance against
automatically deleting messages.
I would guess that it's more likely that some spammer is sending
messages that purport to come from you (hence they bounce back to you if
they can't be delivered), or that your machine has become a spambot and
is actually sending the returned messages.
Others on the list may have more insightful and/or creative thoughts.


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Dear Sirs:


I have recently experienced a very large increase in "returned" emails
as "undeliverable."  I now receive over 500 each day.  The SpamBayes
filter, of course, places them in the Spam folder and they are later
deleted permanently.  I don't know for sure, but I suspect that since
virtually all of this returned email is coming from servers that were
used to forward spam which SpamBayes filtered, the filter program must
be sending a message back, asking to be "unsubscribed" - and that the
result is an ever-increasing cycle of repeated "returned" emails from
those servers.  Stated differently, are these new returned emails being
sent to me caused by "reply" emails being sent by SpamBayes, asking that
my address be "unsubscribed, which are then returned back to me as
"undeliverable?"  If so, is there any way to disable the SpamBayes
feature that sends a reply email asking that I be unsubscribed?


This is becoming a very BIG  problem for my office, and I would be very
appreciative of any help.




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