[Spambayes] When is 1.1 due?

Drew Wolff drew.wolff at gmail.com
Sun Dec 10 00:33:00 CET 2006



I have been an avid user for over the past year.  I am using v1.0.4 on my
home Thinkpad that runs WinXP with Outlook 2003 connecting to 3 ISP accounts
(gmail, comcast and a private ISP).


When is the next version due?  


I would love to give a whirl to see:

.          what new features you have added

.          if there are any performance improvements - my Outlook is getting
slower and slower despite my keeping my pst files small and compressing each

.          if you have added the SPAM button to the message window instead
of only being displayed in the main Outlook window. Why, when I open a
message and start reading it, do I have to go back to the main window to
mark it as SPAM?  I should be able to do that from my message window.


Thanks - and great job with this!








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