[Spambayes] New Web User

Jones, David G david.g.jones at lmco.com
Fri Dec 15 20:19:21 CET 2006

 I use the Spambayes Outlook plugin and not the POP3 proxy (which I
think uses the Web interface) so I'm not an expert, but I think the POP3
proxy has marked the mail either Spam, Ham or Unsure. You need your mail
program (Incredimail ?) to put the mail in the correct place (folder)
according to how its marked. 
Spambayes experts, am I correct ?


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Hello All.
I have recently installed Spambayes Web interface and it seems to be
filtering my messages.
However when the messages appear in my in tray (I am using Incredimail)
there is no indication to show me what is spam or not so I have to look
at each message in turn.
How will Spambayes indicate to me wether a message is spam or not. I
have only "Trained" approx 30 messages so far.
Many thanks for your help.
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