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Gaulden, Tim H Tim.Gaulden at wilsonco.com
Fri Dec 29 20:28:46 CET 2006

I am looking through the Python help gaes and came accross a note from
you...from years ago I think....but wondering if you might be able to
help me.  I need a file,  win32all-152.exe   but the starship.python
website (where the software workbook I am working through tells me to
find it) is not around anymore.  I have to track down that file to get a
scripting environment set-up on my computer (I guess...I'm new to
this)....so, if you happen to stil have that file laying around on some
corner of the hard drive....would you please email it to me?
Tim Gaulden
2600 The American Rd. SE
Suite 100
Rio Rancho, NM 87124
(505) 348-4156 Direct
(505) 898-8021 Front Desk
(505) 898-8501 Fax
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