[Spambayes] retrieving a deleted spam e-mail

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Sun Feb 12 04:47:14 CET 2006

> I accidentally deleted several emails that I wanted to read.  They  
> were in my spam folder.  I
> meant to delete only one and hit the "delete all" key.  How can I  
> retrieve them?

SpamBayes isn't involved with mail once it gets as far as your mail  
client (Thunderbird, it appears).  You can (or can't, as the case may  
be) get these messages back in the same way as any other messages.

The most likely behaviour is that messages are moved to a "Deleted  
Items" folder of some type, and that would be the first place to  
look.  If that doesn't help, then the Thunderbird help system/ 
documentation should explain what to do when you delete a message and  
want to get it back.


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