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Call SB a dead horse is a bit too strong. In Hebrew we have a saying,
"do not change winning horses when you're going uphill".

-- Amir 



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I didn't mean to come down on SpamBayes, I just wanted to know if I was
hitching my wagon to a dead horse.  Everything is working great right
now but if I have problems in the future it's comforting to know that
the project is still alive and well.  You might consider updating the
SourceForge page a little bit and tell everyone that your still around
and working toward v2 (or whatever). 

Thanks for all the hard work and for keeping my inbox managable!  :)


On 2/14/06, Tony Meyer < tameyer at ihug.co.nz <mailto:tameyer at ihug.co.nz>
> wrote: 

	> What is the status of the SpamBayes project?  I really love it
	> I recommend it to everyone I talk to but it seems like it's
	> stale.
	The word you're looking for isn't "stale", it's "mature".  <0.01
	Tony Meyer
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