[Spambayes] mysql and pgsql

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Tue Feb 21 04:00:31 CET 2006

    Mike> Around abouts line 550 within class mySQLClassifier(SQLClassifier)
    Mike> section, there is the line:

    Mike> elif info.startswith("pass")
    Mike>      self.username = info[5:]

    Mike> this is in error, it should be self.password

Thanks, I fixed this.

In general, the MySQL and PostgreSQL code has always been more of demo than
production code.  I'm not sure how well any of it's been tested.  Your
experiences suggest that it has a ways to go.  I believe I wrote one of the
original SQL classifiers but haven't touched the code since writing it
nearly three years ago.  The lack of login code for the PGClassifier class
probably stems from the fact that my database at the time was setup to not
require any authentication.

Can you put together a patch and submit it to SourceForge with any changes
you've made to your copy of the code?  Failing that, can you submit a bug
report so we don't lose your inputs?

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