[Spambayes] info why messages don't move after clicking until I change folder

Dominique Breton dbreton at CAT.CA
Tue Feb 21 14:33:47 CET 2006

You had that message in your questions but with info that you don't know
why it happen.

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Messages don't move after clicking until I change folder


It's Windows Firewall that prevent the refresh when it's activated.
Also, to give that problem, I'm pretty sure you also need a connection
to an Exchange server.  The reason I see is the Exchange server removed
it and send the info to Outlook but since firewall is on, that info is
stopped before getting to Outlook.  When you move from a message to
another one, it's Outlook who will retrieve stock from the server so it
initiate the call so no problem with firewall (firewall will prevent
stuff accessing your pc but not you to get stuff).


Anyway, to resolve that, in Windows firewall, put an exception with file
outlook.exe and it will help a lot.

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