[Spambayes] RBL check in front of SpamBayes?

Bill Hely bill.hely at helyholdings.com
Wed Feb 22 06:29:50 CET 2006

Any thoughts about having some sort of RBL-check vet the incoming
mail against the RBLs before SpamBayes gets a look at it?

I'm using the SpamBayes Outlook plug-in. After long use I'm still
getting too much UNSURE stuff which is invariably straight spam.
Seems the spammers are getting smarter with their message
content. I haven't made any adjustments to SpamBayes' scoring and
I can't afford to risk false positives.

Any suggestions for a suitable RBL checking app? Something that
doesn't do other spam scoring as well?


 - Bill H.

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