[Spambayes] two email accounts on same machine and same user

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed Feb 22 10:47:34 CET 2006

> The only email account that is being subjected to the filter is the  
> default email account.  The two accounts are synchronized.
> The version of Spambayes is the most current as it was downloaded  
> three days ago (I cannot find out what it is).

The page you downloaded it from (either spambayes.sourceforge.net/ 
windows.html or the sourceforge download page) has the version.  It  
will be either 1.1a1 or 1.0.4.

> I do not know how to get the log files.

The troubleshooting guide explains this.  You can get to the most  
recent log by doing SpamBayes->SpamBayes Manager->Advanced- 
 >Diagnostics->View Log.  All the logs are stored in your temp  
directory (I don't recall where that is on Windows 2000, but the  
troubleshooting guide has details).

> We initially downloaded the software in the Administrator user  
> profile and then followed the directions to include the user  
> profile.  The Administrator does not have any email accounts.

There isn't a question or a description of a problem anywhere in your  
email, just a description of your setup.  I presume there is a  
problem, since otherwise there wouldn't have been an email - could  
you tell us what it is?

It would also help (probably; it depends what the question is) to  
know whether you're using the Outlook plug-in, or the POP3 proxy.


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