[Spambayes] Problem with POP3 Proxy: I would like to know what pic is in this email. I'm not sure who it is from

Tim Stone tim at aterraform.com
Mon Feb 20 23:50:37 CET 2006

The message in your log is normal, and indicates that you haven't 
installed the spambayes server as a windows service.  Provided 
everything is working as you expect, there shouldn't be any reason to 
worry about that message.

bldie49 at cox.net wrote:

>I am using SpamBayes POP3 Proxy Version 1.0.4 (March 2005) (binary),
>with version 2.3.5 (#62, Feb  8 2005, 16:23:02) [MSC v.1200 32 bit
>(Intel)] of Python; my operating system is Windows 5.1.2600.2 (Service
>Pack 2).  I have trained 111 ham and 915 spam.
>The problem I am having is [trying to figure out if this is a legal
>picture in this email or who it is from.]
>SpamBayes at python.org
>Check the FAQ before asking: http://spambayes.sf.net/faq.html
>No virus found in this incoming message.
>Checked by AVG Free Edition.
>Version: 7.1.375 / Virus Database: 267.15.11/264 - Release Date: 2/17/2006

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