[Spambayes] Spybot terminates 1.04 install

Allen netsecurity at sound-by-design.com
Sat Feb 25 07:15:45 CET 2006

Actually it might be more specific than that. I have installed both 
Spybot and SpamBayes on XP machines of various levels of patch, for the 
most part without problems.

I suspect there is a registry issue involved in this as the only time I 
ever had a problem was when I failed to clean and defrag the registry 
before installing. JV16's free Registry Cleaner can be found on the net. 
  It is an older version, 4.43 I believe, but does the cleaning trick 
quite well. I've been using Fixit tools for the defrag for years but I'm 
sure there are other ways to accomplish this.

After I did both, installation went just fine.

BTW, I always put Spybot on a Windoze machine as the very first step to 
cleaning it up.


Tony Meyer wrote:
>> Hi - I was attempting to install SpamBayes 1.04 from the current  
>> Australian
>> PCUser magazine cover disc, and Spybot terminates the install  
>> immediately
>> the first screen was displayed ("Welcome, this will install...  
>> please turn
>> off, etc before proceeding").
>> This is WinXP Pro SP1 (including some of the SP2 patches) on an  
>> Intel P4.
>> Spybot 1.4 identified the issue as WinFixer2005.
> This is obviously a bug in Spybot.  We are not able to do anything  
> about this; you should contact Spybot informing them of the problem.
> =Tony.Meyer

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