[Spambayes] Asking for a help

Zhenya mzdorov at i.kiev.ua
Tue Feb 28 07:38:08 CET 2006

Здравствуйте, spambayes.

First, I want to thank you for answering me, but information you gave
us is not enough for my diploma paper.
I am very interested in wider information on several questions:
1. How does the Spambayes system work with the using of Bayestian
2. Where we can get full version of your programme?
3. Detailed (step-by-step)information about setting.
4. How to configure your programme?
And also if you have tables or graphics please send it to me.
Thanks beforehand.

С уважением,
 Zhenya                          mailto:mzdorov at i.kiev.ua

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