[Spambayes] x-lookup-ip extension

Matthew Dixon Cowles matt at mondoinfo.com
Thu Jul 27 20:01:14 CEST 2006

[Skip Montanaro]
> I've made a couple changes to Matt's original code.  He has a DNS
> cache module that's required.  I modified it to cache those lookups
> to a file (either using dbm or zodb to match the settings for
> SpamBayes' main database).  I've sent the diffs back to Matt.  It's
> probably best if he re-releases his patch.

I'd be perfectly happy to host the new version of the patch, but the
changes Skip has made aren't ones I need.

I'm very ready to believe that having the cache persist makes a lot
of difference given how Skip uses it. But it wouldn't make much
difference to me. I also don't have ZODB installed and my experiences
with DBM files haven't been especially happy.

But if it's worthwhile having Skip's version available on my site,
I'd be glad to do that.

> It would also be a good idea if some other developers took it out
> for a spin around the block.

I certainly agree with that.


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