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Scott Walsh SWalsh at gorr.state.ny.us
Tue May 2 18:20:33 CEST 2006

I've used SpamBayes for a little while now without any problems (thank
you!), but today I have one.
After being marked as "safe" a while ago, SpamBayes is suddenly
filtering out certain already-read email out of the Inbox and into the
Junk Email folder.  Specifically, mail I send to this account via the
"mail to" function on the StumbleUpon toolbar for Firefox (arriving
from: noreply at stumbleupon.com).  When I go into the Junk Email folder &
select them (individually or as a group) and choose Recover From Spam,
they temporarily go to the Inbox, but within seconds they return to the
Junk Email folder.  Also, a "post" I created in my Outlook Inbox is
being filtered the same way, too.
I've restarted Outlook, and rebooted, and I still have the same issue.  
XP Pro
Outlook 2003
SpamBayes 1.0.4
Thank you,
Scott Walsh
Special Assistant 
NYS Governor's Office
POB 2107
Albany, NY 12220-0107
P: 518.486.3292
F: 518.473.2861
www.NYS-OPAL.com <http://www.nys-opal.com/> 
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