[Spambayes] ZODB simultaneous read-write is okay, right?

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Mon May 8 09:10:02 CEST 2006

> [...]
> I tried this with the exception that my ports were 28090 and 28091  
> and I
> changed filenames to suit my machine.
> While it was running, I tried running sb_filter.py.  It just hung.
> Is there something magical about ports 8090 and 8091?

Sorry - I said that you only had to change persistent_use_database to  
"zeo" and run a ZEO server and that was it, but I forgot a step.  You  
also have to tell SpamBayes where the ZEO server is.

The ZEO storage class uses the persistent_storage_file option like  
the SQL classes do, looking for something like:

     persistent_storage_file: port=8090 host=example.com user=foo  
pass=bar dbname=tokens

You can leave out any where the defaults are fine.  host defaults to  
localhost, if you didn't add anything about authentication to the  
zeo.config file, then you can leave out both user and pass  
(presumably you're protecting your ZEO server from outside access in  
other ways like with a firewall) and dbname defaults to  
"SpamBayes" (you could have multiple dbs in one ZODB file if you  
wanted).  port defaults to None, which I think means that it tries to  
connect to a unix socket rather than a TCP one, which I know zilch  
about (I guess ZEO would also be run differently).

So probably all you want is:

     persistent_storage_file: port=28090

This time I actually ran this (on my Mac) with exactly the config  
file from my earlier message and only the above line and the  
persistent_use_database=zeo one in my .ini and sb_filter.py worked  
for me (on port 8090, but as you figured in the later message, there  
is nothing special about 8090).


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