[Spambayes] lost junk mail folder

Bill Hely bill.hely at helyholdings.com
Thu May 11 06:23:19 CEST 2006

On the contrary, it is a perfectly legitimate question for a
SpamBayes list.

Although the folder *can* be recreated in Outlook, it can also be
recreated directly in the SpamBayes Manager.

And in either case SpamBayes has to be "told" where the recreated
spam folder resides.

It would have also been much quicker, more efficient, more
helpful and more pleasant to just answer the question.

 - Bill H.

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> > Deleted junk mail folder in error but don't know how to get
> it back.  Help
> That is a $MAIL_CLIENT related question, not a SpamBayes
> related question.
> I suggest you consult the manual of your $MAIL_CLIENT, or ask
> on a mailing
> list or newsgroup related to your $MAIL_CLIENT.
> Since you seem to be using Microsoft Outlook, I suggest you
> try something
> like   news:microsoft.public.outlook.general. Google claims
there are
> 159256 over there.
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