[Spambayes] A thank you

Gary Smith Gary at doctorgary.net
Thu May 11 08:43:30 CEST 2006

I've been working with Spambayes for only a few days 
and it is proving to be just what I had hoped to find. 

Some spam are still being listed as unsure but after 
the first two days, no legitimate email has been listed 
as unsure. Many spam now come in as unsure.

When this happens I train them as spam.

I have my Pegasus filters set to send both spam & 
unsure to a folder I call "Honey Pot". Today there have 
been 32 spam sent to me and all of them ended up in 
either the honey Pot or the "deleted" folder. 

I have many filters set up in Pegasus that I used to 
try & trap spam but they failed miserably. Not 
suprising considering the myriad varieties of new spam 
they had to deal with & each filter was a one trick 

My compliments to the programers who have been 
perfecting spambayes, you're doing a marvelous job & 
I truly thank you!


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