[Spambayes] I can't send emails with spambayes installed

Octavio Traver otraver at ono.com
Thu May 11 09:05:50 CEST 2006

         Hi guys.
Sorry for my bad english, I' spanish.
Yesterday I installed Spambayes filter in my computer.
My email client is Eudora.
Acording with the FAQ I modified the eudora ini in order to use 
Spambayes as email proxy.
I don't have problems receiving emails but I can't send.

In the config page of spambayes I configured my email server and port 
pop3.ono.com port 8110 and smtp.ono.com port 8115
I have included this parameters in eudora.ini.
The client begins to send the email but finally I obtain a error message.

Error reading from network.
Cause: Connection refused by foreing host. (0)

Octavio Traver

otraver at ono.com

En la era digital, el bit es como el papel para la imprenta y el aire 
para las palabras.
No permitas que la SGAE cambie la historia. 

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