[Spambayes] Undo Delete as Spam Sender

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Wed May 17 14:03:44 CEST 2006

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> > I need to undo selecting a sender into "delete as spam"
> > I had them selected and hit the wrong button.
> Simply open up your spam folder, find the erroneously trained  
> message, select it, and click the "Recover from Spam" button.   
> SpamBayes will undo the bad training (and also train as ham),
> and move the message back to where it came from.
> =Tony.Meyer

I keep learning things I didn't know about Spambayes training. It
appears that you're saying that recovering the message to the inbox does
more than just reverse the effect of misclassifying it as spam. I.e., if
it "also train[s] as ham", doesn't this mean that the (sole) end result
is to add a message to the ham database that wouldn't have been added
otherwise? This suggests that misclassifying ham messages and then
reversing the misclassification can be used to help redress the balance
when the ham/spam ratio gets too low. Or am I reading more into this
than you intended?


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