[Spambayes] [spambayes-dev] Probable error in Windows FAQ

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed May 17 23:39:54 CEST 2006

>> I am prepared to suggest alterations to the Windows FAQ (at least the
>> parts that affect Eudora),

> Thanks!  All suggestions for improvements are gratefully received.


> In the
> case of the Eudora content, I personally don't use Eudora so I  
> couldn't
> verify any new content - SpamBayes developers, do any of us use  
> Eudora?

I have Eudora (Mac and Windows), and very occasionally test things  
with it, but that's about it.

>> Another point is the preferred file format - as public domain are you
>> allergic to MS Word 2003? It should be easily convertible to html,
>> but Word would be much easier for me to format.
> I think most of us could read it using OpenOffice without  
> triggering any
> nasty reactions.  8-)

True, although plain-text would probably be the simplest format.  If  
any markup is necessary, whoever adds it to the ReST file can add  
it.  If I got something in Word format, the first thing I would do is  
copy the text out without markup, anyway.


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