[Spambayes] Probable error in Windows FAQ

Nigel Duncan nduncan at cqmail.net
Wed May 17 20:41:16 CEST 2006

I am prepared to suggest alterations to the 
Windows FAQ (at least the parts that affect 
Eudora), but first I want to have it agreed that 
I have found an important error.

Essentially spam can only be RECEIVED mail from 
the POP server (or IMAP server if you happen to 
have one). Therefore an SMTP server can have nothing to do with the question.

I removed all references to the SMTP server and 
port in my Eudora.ini file and everything seems 
to be working fine - but I have added a return 
receipt to this message to be on the safe side.

Apart from this error (and another lesser one) I 
would try and develop a more user-friendly 
version as I gain experience (without getting 
into Outlook or Outlook Express, which I have but 
don't use) as I am used to writing and 
translating technical documents with emphasis on clarity for the user.

Another point is the preferred file format - as 
public domain are you allergic to MS Word 2003? 
It should be easily convertible to html, but Word 
would be much easier for me to format.

I am also sending this message to the developer's 
list as it is not 100% clear which is the right one for this case.

PS I spoke too soon. Some messages got through 
the SpamBayes proxy server. Now neither that nor 
my original one is recognised. So I think I need 
some HELP!!!!!, which I¡ll have to look for on the mailing list.

Nigel Duncan
Jerez 4, P4, 4B
E-28016 MADRID, Spain
Tel: (0034) 91-350-4793
email: nduncan at cqmail.net  
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