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Sat May 20 18:57:48 CEST 2006

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If you're confident about the effectiveness of spambayes, then the best
thing to do is disable training and use the current settings. Of course
you definitely need to double check your unsure and spam folders to
recover the ocasional false positive but they should be few & far
between at this point.

On 19 May 2006 at 13:48, Gary Smith wrote:

> A twist for me,
> Spambayes has been so good at finding HAM that it no 
> longer identifies HAM as unsure or SPAM. I'm still 
> getting spam that sometimes shows as HAM so I train 
> it as such.
> Now I get this notice:
> "Warning: you have much more spam than ham - 
> SpamBayes works best with approximately even 
> numbers of ham and spam."
> How do I deal with this? should I find old emails known 
> to be good and paste the raw header/message info 
> into the "Train on a message" window?
> Since so much is accurately coming in as HAM but 
> SPAM is eternaly new, how do I best bolster the 
> trained HAM emails ratio?
> Thanks,
> Gary
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