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yahoo.de mpas1342 at yahoo.de
Wed May 24 11:33:50 CEST 2006

Hello,i installed SpamBayes on windows XP  (use outlook standard)
to test the functionality of
the application. I see that the database file is saved  in
Applicationdata folder on windows.
I am intrested to get a look at the db file.Is there a way to open
the database ?
The other Question ist, i trained the application with a good and bad folder
definition .
After thhat i put two different email with bad and good content in the
bad (Junk) folder and the good folder. Both EMail have the same Sender
After that i'm sending to SpamBayes more Emails with good content from this
sender adress.
I see that the SpamBayes classified all this email as bad emai(junk..)!!
Does it not means that Spambayes only recognized and classified the header
of emails
(only sender adress and so on)

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