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Interesting point! However, how do you train on errors?


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The short answer: yes. SpamBayes stores the data it uses to score messages
in a database.
The caveat: some people hang on to a collection of messages (both spam and
ham) for retraining. SpamBayes learns quickly enough that I don't bother
with this. If I discard my training and then train on errors (which is what
the Outlook plugin encourages), I generally get good results after just a
few messages.


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I'm running Windows XP Pro. I have read thru the FAQ's and have not found
the answer to my question. I sent you folks an email once before about this
question and the only thing I got back was a note asking me to read the


My question:


My SpamBayes folder is chock full of spam. I would like to permanently
delete them, but I'm concerned that if I do, I will need to retrain
SpamBayes. Can I delete the spam emails permanently without losing the
training files?




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