[Spambayes] Problem with KMail and sb_bnfilter

Peter Barker peterb at zeta.org.au
Fri May 26 09:05:57 CEST 2006

Since switching to KMail a few months ago, I have been using SpamAssassin (as 
this was the default with my Fedora core installation). I had previously used 
for many months spambayes with procmail, and found it did a much better job 
of filtering my spam. So I replaced the spamassassin filters with ones using 
sb_filter.py, and using sb_filter.py -s/-g to retrain incorrectly classified 

This worked as expected, so I decided to try using sb_bnfilter.py to speed up 
the processing when I receive multiple messages in quick succession. I simply 
replaced piping the messsages through sb_filter.py with piping through 
sb_bnfilter.py. However this always inserted a second From (not From:) 
immediately below the From header the message had when it was piped to 
sb_bnfilter.py. The header always had the form "From nobody Fri May 26 
17:04:18 2006". This would not seem to be desirable, and sometimes confused 
KMail. The same thing happened when I applied a test filter manually which 
piped a message through sb_bnfilter.py. The X-Spambayes-Classification header 
was added correctly. sb_filter .py never adds this unwanted From header.

Is this how sb_bnfilter is supposed to be used, and does this indicate a 
problem with sb_bnfilter or with KMail?

Peter Barker

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