[Spambayes] Installing SpamBayes with WXP (fully updated) and Outlook 2003

Bob Howell rmhowell at bigpond.com
Sun May 28 07:48:01 CEST 2006



I am experiencing difficulties setting up SpamBayes within Outlook 2003. I
have looked through all of the site without finding an FAQ or other
information to help with problem resolution.


Basically, Outlook is set up with the same POP3 and SMTP servers as I used
on my old PC when using Outlook Express.


Following set up, the 'Test Account settings' in Tools - Accounts showed
that all 5 actions completed without error. However, when doing a
send/receive, an error occurred with POP3 receiving. I have attached a file
showing the errors. 


Can you suggest anything I should do to overcome this error. 




Bob Howell

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