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I don't read the tabloids or watch E! but perhaps there is yet another 
DVD box of Friends? (boring) Or Jennifer A. has started her own clothing 
line? (boooring)
Perhaps there is a subliminal message in there? (perhaps interesting)
Or... perhaps this is a very clever plot of spammers trying to "poison" 
our spambayes databases? (not unlikely)

Or perhaps we just have to apply Ockham's Razor: don't attribute to 
malice what can easily be attributed to stupidity or ignorance...


betty mulrooney wrote:
> I really don't have a question. This is the first time I have ever done 
> anything like this and I hope it goes to the right place.
> I just finished reading Jen's statement on brangelina.........I could 
> just hug her to death. It's about time she said something. And she did 
> it so beautifully. I am so proud of her. I have been divorced so I know 
> how it is and to finally let her opinions out  (to the public...I'm sure 
> she has to friends ) is a great step. I absolutely hate seeing them 
> constantly rubbing it in and Jen (thankfully) has hit back and it's 
> great. You watch,  now they will say they are married. Got married in 
> some foreign country or something stupid like that.  I don't have any 
> use at all for them...never did for her and now he has sunk to her 
> level. They have lied and tried to deceive the public too.  Wouldn't 
> touch in public but then went home together !!!  How stupid do they 
> think we are?
> I hope Jen is doing great now...It always takes a while but it will be 
> OK.  She is much better off without him. He showed his true character 
> and it is far below Jennifer's.
> As I said this is not a question and I really don't want it published 
> ...I just want Jen to know that I am glad she finally said something and 
> did it so nicely. All the people I have talked to (and myself) are 
> definitely with her.
> Proud of Jen,
> Betty A. Mulrooney
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