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Nick Iredale solcuadrado at wanadoo.es
Mon May 29 09:12:42 CEST 2006

In message <DBA52DB4-1EA7-4B47-A6ED-9F156267D64A at ihug.co.nz>, Tony Meyer 
<tameyer at ihug.co.nz> writes
>> I don't seem to be able to find any information on the terms you use
>> to classify email.
>> Does the "Discard" option ignore the email or delete the email?
>When you use the web interface, you are not dealing with the email
>itself - that is still completely contained within the email client
>(e.g. Eudora, Outlook Express, Thunderbird) that you use.
>The web interface shows you cached copies of the email that has been
>classified so that you can correct any mistakes.  The options are:
>  * ham (train this message as ham (good) email - do this for any ham
>messages that were unsure or any messages that were classified as
>spam but were actually ham).
>  * spam (train this message as spam (bad) email - do this for any
>spam messages that were unsure or any messages that were classified
>as ham but were actually spam).
>  * discard (do not train this message - do this for any messages
>that were correctly classified).
>  * defer (decide what to do later)


I'm glad someone asked this question!

I have been leaving the category as SpamBayes set it for messages it had 
correctly identified, so presumably have been "re-training" it on ones 
it already got right.  I thought this was the correct way, confirming 
that SB was right in those instances, or does it mean that a bias of any 
sort could develop?

It would be good if clear instructions similar to the above were 
included in the interface page below the list of mails processed so it's 
there for easy reference.
Nick Iredale

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