[Spambayes] Thank you for sending us your question for Jennifer.

Tim Peters tim.peters at gmail.com
Mon May 29 22:48:16 CEST 2006

[Gary Smith]
> It's spam alright. The first one tells Jennifer to go to  Apolo beach in Florida
> but the message was sent from  Amsterdam.
> This message was "from" someone saying the email was  from Alltel.net but it
> was from the same server in  Amsterdam. ( server )

All addresses in - are assigned to XS4ALL
in the Netherlands.  The machines that run the SpamBayes mailing lists
are hosted at XS4ALL  (they contribute this service to python.org), so
_all_ email you get from a SpamBayes list is actually sent from the
Netherlands (by an XS4ALL machine).

> I use my old Neotrace program to do a really fast  whois & arin search & 95%
> or better of my spam comes  from China and Korea with a smattering of Amsterdam
> like these.

So I bet most of the latter come from this mailing list.

> ...
> Thanks again Spambayes!!!

You're welcome -- and we hope you continue to enjoy the spam on this
list too :-)

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