[Spambayes] image analyze

Luigi Pugnetti pl at symbolic.it
Thu Nov 2 17:22:15 CET 2006


I think there is an errore in the frame selection inside

                    for frame in ImageSequence.Iterator(image):
                        # Assume the pixel with the largest value is the
                        # background.
                        bg = max(frame.histogram())
                        if bg < bgpix:
                            image = frame
                            bgpix = bg

outside this loop image (in my opinion) will be always the last frame of
original image.

A part from this the algorithm could be better. From my test
using stddev and sum2 yield better result.

>From a (very) raw test you may use the attached code snippet.
Of course all of these are very simple test and can be wrong bug you
test failed for a pattern common few days ago (see the attached image)

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