[Spambayes] Unwanted stock solicitations

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Sun Nov 5 20:39:44 CET 2006

    >>> However /dev/null is - of course - not found in Windows. Equivalent
    >>> is nul (case insensitive).  Better use os.path.devnull like shown
    >>> here. Parenthesis required for string formatting!

    skip> Correct.  Will be checked in shortly.

More Windows-friendly executable location and program execution has been
checked in for ImageStripper.py.

    Luigi> orf file is never used. probably is there from the start before
    Luigi> skip introduce the scale parameter

    skip> Actually, yes, it is used:

    skip>     for line in open(orf):
    skip>         if line.startswith("lines"):
    skip>             nlines = int(line.split()[1])
    skip>             if nlines:
    skip>                 ctokens.add("image-text-lines:%d" %
    skip>                             int(log2(nlines)))

    skip> so no image-text-lines:NN tokens are generated.

But it seemed better to use the count() suggestion, so I did.  Now we don't
care of the -s/-x thing in ocrad is a bug or not. ;-)


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