[Spambayes] server side spambayes

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Thu Nov 9 13:19:04 CET 2006

    Amedee> If I understand it correctly, the only thing this setup does, is
    Amedee> tagging emails with a spam score, just like I am already doing
    Amedee> in procmail. Is that a correct interpretation?  So it is still
    Amedee> up to me to classify the emails in the correct ham/spam folders
    Amedee> using procmail?  Is it possible to block emails at the server
    Amedee> level when they have a spam score above a certain treshold? 

In my "server side" setup, all I do is copy by personal training to the
server every now and then.  I set up the procmailrc on the server to forward
unsure and spam to me.  That keeps the crap out of most mailing lists and I
still have a point at which to review the results.


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