[Spambayes] outlook add-in stopped functionning. Imossible de re-install it

Yiannis MAVRIKIOS yiannis at mavrikios.fr
Sat Nov 11 19:03:41 CET 2006

I have trouble with spambayes add-in to outlook.
Suddenly it stopped working (version 1.03). Clicking on the "recover from
spam" delete as spam" etc buttons had no effect any more. The automatic
filtering to the JUNK and JUNK SUSPECTED folders stopped working as well.
I tried to uninstall (using the windows procedure) and re-install it version
1.04), but with no success. I deleted the spambayes outlook buttons (right
click on them and then delete). Then tried to uninstall and re-install again
(restarting windows in between each time) with no result. 
On the windows controm panel spambayes seems normally installed. On the
Tools/Options/Others/AdvancedOptions spambayes apears (without being
checked) but I cannot either check-it or install it ... In outlook, there
are no spambayes menus.
Anybody can help or I need to rreinstall outlook all together ...!?
Thanks in advance
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