[Spambayes] Request for a trained spam filter

svnaras at imap.cs.utexas.edu svnaras at imap.cs.utexas.edu
Mon Nov 20 08:05:35 CET 2006


   I'm a Masters student at the Dept of CS at UT, Austin. I'm doing a project
related to spam generation and I need a well trained spam filter for the same.
I downloaded the training set available online and trained the spambayes filter
using it. But the accuracy that I got on a set of new spam messages was not too
great.  Is there some way of improving the accuracy?

        Since my project involves substantial experimentation I do not want to
spend too much time in training the filter. So is it possible to get a trained
spam filter from you?

   I'd really appreciate any help from you in this regard.


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