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Peter Bishop bishop at aeroprise.com
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Just bring up your Command Prompt application (Should be somewhere in
Then just type in the command, and that will execute it.
In the bad old days, all programs were invoked in this manner.  It is easier
for programmers to provide unusual miscellaneous functions packaged this
way, so there are a few SpamBayes things (especially in configuration) that
need to be dealt with this way.  Improving the GUI on these things is just a
matter of a little more programmer time.  Anyone want to help out?
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Sorry to bug  you.  I've read the troubleshooting file but don't understand
the instructions. I am running XP home and outlook 2002. There are two users
and only one user seems to have Spambayes. I understand I need to execute
the command: "c:\Program Files\SpamBayes\bin\outlook_addin_register.exe"
hkey_local_machine  I just don't know how to do it.  Where and how do I do
Thanks for your help.  I love this program.
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