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Mike Tavener mtavener at iname.com
Mon Nov 20 22:39:53 CET 2006


I use Windows XP and Outlook Express.  I installed SpamBayes v1 from the cover DVD of PC Pro Iss 143. I then followed steps 1 and 2 under 'Configuration' in the Readme file which opens when installation is complete, but clicking on Save at the bottom of the Configuration page brought up details of a "500 Server error".

I reversed the changes I had made, and then found a more comprehensive list of set-up instructions at FAQ 4.21, the first of which was to download the latest version of SpamBayes. I downloaded v1.1a3, but when I came to install ir there was one file of which the installer was unable to replace the existing version.  I therefore removed v1 before trying again to install v1.1a3.  This time the installation proceeded to its end, but any attempt to send a message in Outlook Express now resulted in another "500 Server error" message (though with fewer lines than the last). 

I shan't bother you with the details of the two error messages because I have decided to remove SpamBayes from my computer and try a different product.  But I would like your advice on this: all the entries in my Outlook Express address book have somehow been deleted and I cannot find any way to get them back.  Has anyone else reported this problem?  Or can you suggest a solution?

Mike Tavener
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