[Spambayes] Telling SpamBayes a certain sender is OK

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Wed Nov 22 13:30:28 CET 2006

Why don't you try recreating your database? Maybe the unusually high
ham/spam disparity is causing a problem. 



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	I get messages from Metro Alert on request, which I often delete
after reading because there can be several of them when a subway line is
experiencing trouble.  I want to see them, but the SpamBayes Outlook
plug-in is convinced they are spam, even though I have never moved them
into the Spam folder.  How do I tell it that any message from Metro
Alert should be left in the Inbox?  I am using the current version of
SpamBayes, and I have attached the clues file for one of the Metro Alert
messages that was rated at 99%.


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